The Adjustment

The past few weeks have been full of the ups and downs which come with adjusting to a new life in a new country. This includes another trip to the local social security office which culminated in my making an official complaint to the Director of the service. As a result, I have now been invited to a meeting with the Director to resolve this…. Yes the lawyer in me will always challenge the narrative that we should accept the mediocre!

So why the above image to illustrate this adjustment?

You see for me, life is like a book. There are good chapters and there bad chapters. When you get to a bad chapter, you don’t just stop reading the book. If you do, you never find out what the next chapter has in store!

So as a British girl in Guadeloupe, what am I learning through this experience?

Here are a few things which come to mind:

  1. I am accepting that in France there is not the same system of “politeness” in terms of gestures and customer service which is notable in Britain. So in accepting this change, I take charge of it and learn how I will deal with it personally. In doing so, I do not compromise who I am and my own values.
  2. I keep my mind open to new experiences for I know there are beautiful experiences awaiting me!
  3. I stay in regular contact with my family and friends back home and all over the world.Ā  This is a therapeutic way for me to feel adjusted to my new home. They are always encouraging when I start to feel a little lost or uneasy.Ā 
  4. I always aim to maintain a routine. Although my routine is different to what it was when we lived in London, this has been the opportunity to take time for healthier life choices: regular exercise (early morning walks are so invigorating!), taking time to read widely and of course working on the project which my husband and I moved here for.

Although emigrating can sometimes make you feel stressed, sad and frustrated, it is also exciting, and filled with new possibilities.

Throughout my life I have had many experiences of God’s hand directing my circumstances. This fills me with confidence that in focussing on these positives, the best is yet to come!

6 thoughts on “The Adjustment

  1. You are to the pint when talking about manners ,for myself was interviewed last summer because of my achievements in school so they decided that I would be a good subject to understand the point of view of an immigrant and one on the question was why Canada why new Brunswick and the expected answer was ” the nature,but instead is the people of news Brunswick that caught my eye they manners to say hello to strangers and I have in the short time we have been here many examples

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  2. Haha I love how you are so polite and British about calling them rude!

    Seriously though, it sounds as though there is a lot of growing and positive life lessons going on. Just remember to stay grounded and take it one step at a time! It’ll all be worth it in the end šŸ‘

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