A Story of Perception

It is funny how circumstances can make you evaluate a situation in the way you perceive it to be.

Isn’t this a lovely dog? My husband and I thought so too from the first time we saw it.

My husband and I have early morning walks and one morning he spotted this dog lying by the roadside. Again and again he would see the dog and would wonder why it was there. It had a collar and it appeared to be well kept.

We would see the dog in the early morning and sometimes drive by and spot it in the late evening. Each time the dog would always be lying in the same spot. It became apparent to us that this dog had somehow become separated from its owner and we wondered how it was being fed. Day after day my husband would stop at the supermarket, buy a large slicing sausage and feed the dog.

At first the dog was hesistant, but after a few weeks he would run to my husband with anticipation knowing he was about to get his daily treat.

We telephoned the police in the early days of feeding this dog to let them know that we suspected that it may have been abandoned. However, it was never rescued and remained faithfully in its spot. Perhaps it was dutifully waiting for its owner to return, we would often suggest.

After about 6 weeks, I said to my husband that we should go to the ‘Police Municipale’ to report this dog as we could not leave it in this situation indefinitely.

We walked into the police station and spoke to an officer. From our description, the police officer immediately knew which dog it was. He said that the dog had an owner and that he would just go to that particular spot every day and then return home.

So we now understood that the dog was just waiting in his spot for his daily treat!

We had been conned!!!!

Interestingly, since that visit to the police station, we have never again seen our canine friend.

This situation made me think, A LOT.

Sometimes we may see a situation and everything about that situation appears to be true according to the perception we have of it because of what we see, however it is possible to be completely fooled by a perception.

Today, in this current world, can we rely on and trust our perceptions?

Food for thought……

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