So how did I get here?

How did I decide to leave the big city, a career in law to follow what I am passionate about?

I would not describe myself as a person who naturally ventures out of my comfort zone. In fact as most people, I don’t enjoy the hardships of growth AT ALL. However I learned early on in my life that, if you want big things out of life, you have to face your fear(s)! I guess those who know me would say that since that’s what I’ve always wanted, that’s what I’ve always strived to do.

So my husband, who is from this beautiful archipelago, spent almost 20 years in London, developing himself and his career. We met a decade ago and after three years together, we married in London (with a church ceremony in Guadeloupe a month later). In one of our many heart to heart conversations, discussing what we would like for our life and future together (this particular conversation happened to be in a hired car on a holiday together in Guadeloupe), we talked about living in Guadeloupe if we had a specific goal to work towards. That particular conversation led us both pursuing individual qualifications over three years in what we are both passionate about- healthy living.

My husband and I are believers and one thing we have always sought to do is pray together, about everything. So we decided to pray about what we should do and that we would be in no doubt at all as to the doors that would open to us. So over a number of years we saw the fruit of those prayers and despite Covid-19 lockdowns, the doors opened widely and we left London for our new home in July 2020……

2 thoughts on “So how did I get here?

  1. I love this line….”if you want big things out of life, you have to face your fear(s)”. I am fearful of stepping out in sales, but I’ll never know if its a failure or a success if I don’t try. I want big things! Love your story!


  2. Thank you andee501. Yes, stepping out into the unknown is never easy. It is full of challenges but beautiful things can take place through those challenges. Step out in faith. If it is for you, those doors will open 😃


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